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India has 26 sedimentary basins covering an area of 3.36 Million SqKm spread over onland, shallow water and deep water. As a base to launch future Exploration and Production (E&P) activities in the country, appraisal of all un-appraised areas by acquiring Geo-scientific data with state-of-the-art technology has been embarked on. The generated data is instrumental in identifying the prospective areas, carving out the blocks in Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP) etc.

As a step towards Prime Minister’s vision of reducing India’s energy imports, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has launched the Central Sector Scheme christened as ‘National Seismic Program’ (NSP) and approved by Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs for appraisal of onland part of Indian sedimentary basins where no/scanty data is available. Appraisal of un-appraised offshore areas up to EEZ and drilling of parametric wells are also being taken up separately.

The NSP project commenced in September 2016 and total ~ 46,960 LKM 2D seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation (API) thereof have been completed covering Category-I, II and III basins.

Details of areas taken up under NSP campaign are :

2D Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
Assam Shelf & Assam Arakan5246 LKM
Cambay1469 LKM
Krishna-Godavari981 LKM
Rajasthan2752 LKM
Andaman264 LKM
Kutch1809 LKM
Mahanadi2481 LKM
Saurashtra2306 LKM
Vindhyan5373 LKM
Himalayan Foreland1564 LKM
Ganga-Punjab3858 LKM
Bengal911 LKM
Satpura-South Rewa- Damodar1124 LKM
Narmada1618 LKM
Deccan Synclise10436 LKM
Bhima612 LKM
Kaladgi257 LKM
Cudappah1387 LKM
Pranhita-Godavari735 LKM
Chhattisgarh1778 LKM

The data generated under NSP campaign using long spreads (12 to 18 Km) and state-of-the-art technology has enabled in ascertaining presence of sub-trappean Mesozoic sediments in some of the areas. The NSP data has provided significant leads towards the extension of existing producing basins as the information about the tectonics framework has improved.

So far, 11 blocks have been awarded from areas appraised under NSP (7 in Rajasthan basin, 2 in Mahanadi basin and 2 in Assam Shelf).

The interested Exploration and Production stakeholders can view geo-scientific data from anywhere in the world and firm up an opinion regarding prospectivity of the blocks prior to bidding for the block. Further details of NSP data can be accessed through the National Data Repository website