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National and International Cooperation

DGH firmly believes that Research & Development is an essential and integral component of E & P activities. In order to give a concrete shape to this belief, DGH initiated cooperation with  international   and  national agencies for undertaking R&D projects in various disciplines related to Exploration and Petroleum. 

Under the ambit of National and International Cooperation new areas of cooperation with National and International agencies are identified for mutual benefits in upstream E&P sector. This is materialized in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two parties i.e. MOPNG/DGH & National and International Organisations.

OIDB, constituted a committee in April 2009 with the approval of Secretary MOPNG in order to utilize OIDB funds for strategic/energy security project and R&D activities for the benefit of oil industry. DG, DGH is the Chairman of this committee. Main function of this committee if to identify R&D /energy security projects received from various Indian organizations for providing funds from OIDB in the form of grant of funds. The committee meets once in a quarter every year and submits its recommendations and status of the projects to OIDB.

Status of active MOUs signed between MOPNG/DGH & National and International Organisations in the area of upstream E&P sector:

Currently there are total seven active MoUs

  • IFM- GEOMAR, Germany
  • GFZ Potsdam, Germany
  • JOGMEC, Japan
  • DOS, USA
  • NPD, Norway
  • IOCL, India

1. IFM- GEOMAR, Germany

MOU with Lebniz Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM- GEOMAR) of Germany & DGH was signed on 30th August 2010 and is valid up to 29th August 2015. The area of collaboration for this MoU is Marine Gas Hydrate Research and Technology development. Both the parties have agreed for the extension of MoU and the formalities for the same is under way.

 2. GFZ Potsdam, Germany

MOU with GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences & DGH was signed on 17th April 2012 and is valid up to 16th April 2017. The objective of this MoU is Collaborative research in Gas Hydrate Laboratory Studies. Following are the broad areas of Joint research projects:

  • Thermodynamic and physical properties of natural and synthetic hydrate samples with respect to phase behaviour, dissociation enthalpy and heat capacity as well as formation and association processes and kinetics.
  • The experimental studies for understanding the behaviour of natural gas hydrates in sediments and development of innovative methods for the production of methane gas for hydrate bearing reservoirs
  • Studies pertaining to the molecular substitution of methane in natural gas hydrates using carbon dioxide or other gasses and liquids
  • Spectroscopic characterization of Gas hydrates
  • Thermo catalytic association of gas hydrates
  • Evaluation of different techniques for gas production from hydrated-sediments

3. JOGMEC, Japan

MOU with GFZ Japan Oil, Gas Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) & DGH was signed on 16th February 2007 and is valid up to 15th February 2016. The objective of this MoU is exchanges of technical knowledge and information, workshops, meetings on Gas Hydrates Research and Development. Following are the broad areas of Joint research projects:

  • Cooperation on methane hydrate technology:
  • Representatives of the parties shall seek to develop a plan of action to provide direction and coordination for collaboration on methane hydrate technology to be undertaken by JOGMEC and DGH pursuant to the MOU.
  • Collaborative activities under the MOU may include exchanges of technical knowledge and information, visits and holding meetings/ workshops by staff members engaged in research of mutual interest.

JOGMEC's Scientists have actively participated in NGHP Expedition-01 & 02


MOU with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) of the Department of Interior of the United States of America & DGH was signed on 16th December 2008. This is an open-ended MoU signed with an objective of handling exploration hazards and environmental issues associated with Gas Hydrates, Field studies & research for Gas hydrate.

Following are the broad areas of Joint research projects:

  • Exchanges of technical information, visits, trainings, work associations and cooperative research consistent with ongoing programmes of the parties. Specific areas of cooperation may include, but are not limited to the parties. Specific areas of cooperation may include, but are not limited to, such areas of mutual interest as:
  • Marine science investigations, including resource exploration and assessment, hazards, and environmental issues associated with the occurrence of gas hydrate.
  • Assessment of the energy resource potential of the gas hydrates;
  • Field studies in support of Gas hydrate research;
  • Joint research pertaining to exploration and exploitation of Gas Hydrates; and
  • Information systems

USGS has been associated with technical aspects of NGHP Expedition-1 and 02. USGS Scientists are actively collaborating with NGHP Scientists.


MOU with Department of State (DOS), USA & MOPNG GOI, was signed on 6th November 2010. This is an open-ended MoU signed with an objective to exchange knowledge and expertise  in the areas concerning Shale Gas  resource characterization and assessment in India. Following are the broad areas of MOU:

  • Shale Gas Resource Assessment
  • Technical studies
  • Regulatory framework consultations and
  • Investment promotion through exchange of experiences

USGS under this Memorandum of Understanding has estimated technical recoverable reserves of Shale Gas & Oil for three Indian sedimentary basins i.e. Cambay, Krishna-Godavri & Cauvery Basins.

6. NPD, Norway

MOU with Norwegian Petroleum Directorate & DGH was signed on 21st  September 2012 and is valid up to 20th September 2017.  The MoU has been signed with an objective of Petroleum Resource Management; Human Resource Development; Petroleum related R&D and technology sharing for upstream E&P sector. Following are the broad areas of MOU:

  • Sharing of experience and knowledge regarding petroleum resource management (NPD/DGH) within the petroleum sector.
  • Facilitate training with relevant petroleum training institution in Norway
  • Facilitate co-operation between the upstream hydrocarbon Industries within their respective countries, regarding petroleum related R&D and technology sharing

NPD's support is being sought in the area of Good International Petroleum Industry Practices (GIPIP), Site Restoration and IOR/EOR technologies.

7. IOCL, India

MOU Indian Oil Corporation Ltd & DGH was signed on 3rd January 2013 and is valid up to 2nd January 2016.  The MoU has been signed with an objective of Oil Shale related studies. Following responsibilities were given to IOCL under this MOU:
  • Obtaining samples for Fields for relevant studies- DGH to assist Literature review on oil shale
  • Characterization of various oil shale samples
  • Extraction of oil from oil shale by using various solvents
  • Characterization of extracted oil
  • Feasibility studies for further processing of extracted oil in petroleum refining
  • Share the outcome of all studies carried out by IOCL with DGH in the form of a report

IOCL has studied Oil Shale samples provided by DGH.